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Graphic Production

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Graphic Production including logos: Universal Advertisement Center offers to design the logos of any company in order to communicate the brand identity of  the company. Identity: . Print Work: like

1- Banners & posters: Universal adv puts into consideration..


those two elements within the design process to ensure that your identity is communicated to your clients and users precisely, Universal adv will provide posters for both indoor and outdoor usage with the finest qualities and materials.

2- Brochures & Flyers: Universal adv provides different designs for brochures ranging from all types of half folds, tri-folds, gate folds and accordion.

3-Business Cards: Within the Business Card design universal adv will develop a Logo that will act mainly as your companies brand identity. The brand identity acts as a communicating tool for your attributes in the industry.

4- Sticker: for cars and shops

5- Give-Way (Gifts): creative ideas, you can print on ( Flash memory, Ti-shirts , Mugs, Caps ...etc )

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